Monday, January 12, 2009

I thought that it would be fitting to have a weekly blog that I would call "Manic Monday". Being that today is the first of my attempts to starts this and it really has been a manic monday. My mom watches my two small children and is out sick with Strep so I had to find alternative daycare this morn. Which isn't hard, but what is hard to get two kids up, dressed, packed and out to the car in white out conditions. It has been snowing pretty good all morning and doesn't look to quit anytime soon. Now, driving around with my 2 kids in the backseat while the roads are crappy and the village idiots come out to drive doesn't help either. All in all, we made it to our destination but when I got to work, I had forgotten that I wasn't supposed to be in til 9am because I needed to attend my son's parent/teacher conference. Oops! Then my instrument that performs my CBC's went on the fritz! Nothing new, but for once could a Monday just go smoothly?

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  1. Neat! I didn't know you had a blog. Cool. Monday's suck. That's just how it is.