Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and the Corn Maze!

The hay ride, except it was dark!
This is the actual corn maze. It was awesome!

Saturday was a busy day for us, we also attended the Geisler Farm Pumpkin Patch with our ward singles group. The kids ran looking at pumlins or getting pulled in the wagon by "uncle Levi". We also did the corn maze that was incredibly hard. At one point Mckenzie and I got lost, she thought it was great fun, running around in the mud. Riley on the hand didn't like it so much once it got dark and he started to slip and slide in the mud. So "uncle" Levi carried him, until Riley got so scared and he peed on him. Levi took it very nicely, his girlfriend Nicole thought it was a great deterant, oops! We finally made it safely out, some a little drier than the rest. Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider was bought and then we went on the hay ride through the dark. Better watch out for those corndogs, they'll get ya! I'm pretty sure I have been banned form attending any more singles activites with my kids but we had a good time!

Disney LIVE!

Cinderella- I actually teared up when she sang the "the wish" song!
Buzz and I love these martians...

Tigger-bounce baby bounce!

Mickey Mobile-coolest car ever:)

Riley and his $8 drink!

Mckenzie or Tigger, could be the same!

Riley is saying, I'm #1!

Saturday the kids and I attended Disney LIVE! in Des Moines. The kids really enjoyed it. I was a little nervous about Mckenzie since we are in the "can't stand still" stage but she did pretty well. They really enjoyed the music and characters.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home sweet home-our new place!

As of Nov 1st the kids and I will be on our own. We will be renting a 3 story-2 bedroom duplex in Huxley, which is only about 3 mins away from my parents. It has a pretty decent basement that is going to become the kids playroom. It also has a shower and the laundry room. Then is the main floor that is kitchen, living room and half bathroom. Upstairs contains the 2 bedrooms and full bathroom(tub only). It has a huge backyard and decent front yard. I am pretty excited that we get to take this on, if not feeling slightly insane. It will need some work, but I think it will nicely for the kids and I. I'm grateful I was able to stumble on it, because it allows Riley to stay in the same school district.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bowling and Pool!

Ankeny Lanes...

Last night I went out with my friend Jim, aka Jimmy to me! We went bowling, he used to be on a league and is actually a certified bowling coach. So he felt that it was his duty to help me out a little bit. My game is a little off! But by the 3rd game I was doing much better. I told him I was good on the Wii but I guess that doesn't count. He set the game up so I could achieve a 7/10 split, which is pretty much an impossible strike but I got it in! Of course I am leaving out that he went and stopped the game, went down the lane, and then proceeded to knock all the pins down except for the 7 and 10 spots. Then he set a bowling ball between them. I then took aim for the gutter with all my strength, which wasn't hard since the gutter and I are BFF's now. And presto I hit both pins! Yeah!!! I even got some cheers from the other people that were playing. Thanks Jim, a once in a life time expierence I'm sure. Then we headed out to play some pool. I got my mojo back pretty quick with that game. Smaller spaces are better for me. And cleaned the table at least once. All in all it was a fun night and I enjoyed myself. Friends are good to have!