Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and the Corn Maze!

The hay ride, except it was dark!
This is the actual corn maze. It was awesome!

Saturday was a busy day for us, we also attended the Geisler Farm Pumpkin Patch with our ward singles group. The kids ran looking at pumlins or getting pulled in the wagon by "uncle Levi". We also did the corn maze that was incredibly hard. At one point Mckenzie and I got lost, she thought it was great fun, running around in the mud. Riley on the hand didn't like it so much once it got dark and he started to slip and slide in the mud. So "uncle" Levi carried him, until Riley got so scared and he peed on him. Levi took it very nicely, his girlfriend Nicole thought it was a great deterant, oops! We finally made it safely out, some a little drier than the rest. Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider was bought and then we went on the hay ride through the dark. Better watch out for those corndogs, they'll get ya! I'm pretty sure I have been banned form attending any more singles activites with my kids but we had a good time!

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