Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home sweet home-our new place!

As of Nov 1st the kids and I will be on our own. We will be renting a 3 story-2 bedroom duplex in Huxley, which is only about 3 mins away from my parents. It has a pretty decent basement that is going to become the kids playroom. It also has a shower and the laundry room. Then is the main floor that is kitchen, living room and half bathroom. Upstairs contains the 2 bedrooms and full bathroom(tub only). It has a huge backyard and decent front yard. I am pretty excited that we get to take this on, if not feeling slightly insane. It will need some work, but I think it will nicely for the kids and I. I'm grateful I was able to stumble on it, because it allows Riley to stay in the same school district.


  1. Congratulations -- having your own place is always fun. Hard, but fun.

  2. Congrats...very cute palce!!