Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bowling and Pool!

Ankeny Lanes...

Last night I went out with my friend Jim, aka Jimmy to me! We went bowling, he used to be on a league and is actually a certified bowling coach. So he felt that it was his duty to help me out a little bit. My game is a little off! But by the 3rd game I was doing much better. I told him I was good on the Wii but I guess that doesn't count. He set the game up so I could achieve a 7/10 split, which is pretty much an impossible strike but I got it in! Of course I am leaving out that he went and stopped the game, went down the lane, and then proceeded to knock all the pins down except for the 7 and 10 spots. Then he set a bowling ball between them. I then took aim for the gutter with all my strength, which wasn't hard since the gutter and I are BFF's now. And presto I hit both pins! Yeah!!! I even got some cheers from the other people that were playing. Thanks Jim, a once in a life time expierence I'm sure. Then we headed out to play some pool. I got my mojo back pretty quick with that game. Smaller spaces are better for me. And cleaned the table at least once. All in all it was a fun night and I enjoyed myself. Friends are good to have!


  1. Thanks for the congrats...we are excited!!! And I am awesome at wii bowling too (I got 8 strikes in a row my best game)!! But not as great at the real thing...funny! Glad you had a fun time :)

  2. Bowling is so fun, and having a personal coach is awesome. Sounds like a great night.