Sunday, February 1, 2009

My favorite places to eat!

So I have been thinking about my favorite places to eat. I love food and I love variety. So my top three choice are all unique. Let's start with number 3: Le's Vietnamese in Ames. A little hole in the wall restaurant that I haven't been to in years. They serve Vietnamese cuisine that is yummy! They have a appetizer called Bo Boa. It is a white puff ball with meat inside. Yum! Next is number 2: Bali Satay in Ames. This is also another hole in the wall that serves Indian food. My fav drink is called Es Campur. It is made with coconut milk, jello and other unique ingredients. My friend Donna Jo introduced me to this place. Alright, my all time place to eat and is ranking number 1 is the The Latin King in Des Moines. I have special place in my heart for this restaurant. A lot of special occasions took place here and I love thier food. My must have are Antipasto, Fried Raviolis, Chicken Spiedini with Alfredo and last but not least Tira-mi-su. Excellent!

Hair Gone Bad!

Hair gone bad, kinda sounds like a kinky college commercial doesn't it? But that is so how my week went. I have always dyed my hair myself, mostly due to funds and not wanting to pay a fortune every couple of weeks. But $10 is cheap compared to what I had to pay this week. Embarrassment, 3 hours and $160 dollars later and I will never dye my hair again, myself. This is one of those let the professionals do there job. That's why there called professionals. So my new best friends name is Kara Hadley, from Hair West. She did such a great job and and didn't make me feel like a village idiot even though I did feel like one. So, here's what happened. For some reason, the hair dye didn't come out the way is was supposed to, instead I had fire engine red roots and poop brown tips. Really gross. So then I tried to fix it by dying my hair again, and that only made the problem worse. I drove around for about an hour and went to every hair stylist on the strip. Either people didn't have time to mess with it until next week or they wouldn't even touch my hair. They were afraid my hair my fall out. My hair is pretty tough, so I wasn't worried about that. So, now I'm beautiful again with a golden dark blond color. I love it! And Kara will be seeing me again in about 6 weeks for a touch up!