Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trouble with Teachers....

I'm a little surprised by this weeks e-mail from Riley's school teacher. I typically get a weekly e-mail regarding how he is doing since he is considered "special" since he has an IEP(Individual Education Plan). This is due to his language delay. He has made huge strides in his speech and comprehension. But this week it was about his behavior. He has been, as the teacher regarded it "defiant"! What! Are we talking about my kid? Sweet innocent Riley? Yes, it has come to pass my mother says, he truly is my child... So she basically tells me, the teacher, that Riley refuses to do what she asks. He has an another agenda. Not sure what that means. He's five. So I tried to let my bristles go down before I respond to her e-mail , asking her to explain the situations that he is being defiant. And ask her what she is doing or wanting us to do to help the day go easier. Because honestly , he does pretty well at home. He's usually very helpful and follows my directions. So I'm not seeing the picture she is relaying. Also, she says he's been in the nurses office alot. Well, that is true. I have had 5 nurse visit slips in one month. 2 incidents were on the same day. So my kid is slightly accident prone, nothing new there. So I responded by saying, if he's not bleeding don't let him go. Brush him off and continue with the day. I haven't received a reply yet. Kind of scared to. Do you think I'm taking this wrong?

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