Thursday, February 17, 2011

New things...

New things are coming... There is change in the air and it's only going to get better! For those who are not aware I met someone. His name is Brian, and he is my heart's choice! We met in October, online, through LDS Planet. He is from Florida, so to be honest I didn't think much would come from this, but we began emailing and then talking on facebook and then finally on the phone. 3 weeks ago, after we talked for 3 months we met for the very first time. He flew to Iowa and we spent an amazing 4 days together. I took him to Nauvoo, his first time ever! And Carthage. We spent a morning at the Iowa Science Center, and just spent every waking moment together. In April, I will be going to Florida to spend 4 days with him. It is amazing at the way our lives seem to take a turn and surprise us! Meeting Brian has been a life changing experience for me and my heart swells at the thought of him and our future together. I can't wait...


  1. So happy for you, Ms. Laura!! Cheers to NICE boys!! Hope you and your family are well!!


  2. Welcome back to blogger! Cute post! I only talked to him for like a minute but I love Brian already for how happy he's making you. I'm excited for your future too! Hurray LDS Planet!!