Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is she 18 months yet?

Ok, I hate to say this, but, Is she 18 months yet? I don't think I can ever remember a time I have ever been on the move so much. Today was a real test of my patience at church. It doesn't help that nap time is during 2 hours of church. If I could actually get her to go to sleep during church it would be no big deal, but she only goes to sleep in her car seat or crib. So being sleep deprived doesn't help any. Mckenzie was a complete tornado today. Crawling under pews, running up to the podium during prayer, throwing her sippy cup back behind us and I'm pretty sure she hit someone. On the move constantly. I don't ever try to go to 2nd hour but today I couldn't even go to Relief Society. We lasted through the opening song and prayer and then she was trying to escape and when I would try to contain her she would screach, like she was being abused or something. 2 more months and then she'll be old enough to go to nursery. I have never been so excited for something so small:)

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  1. As a nursery worker, I can totally relate to the horribleness of having church during nap time, mostly because I get to deal with the crankiness. Hang in there! Two months is not that long!