Friday, August 7, 2009

"Hello, hello-um hello 911!"

Well, I have to say the day you get a phone call from a 911 operator is a day you won't forget! That day has happened for me. Mckenzie is my talker, she loves to talk on the phone. As soon as any of the phones rings she goes right for it and wants to answer it. It's the first thing she pulls from my purse and seems to have a sick sense anytime I lay it down cause she goes right for it and then "Hello, hello", we are calling china or 911! This evening I received a return call from a very nice 911 operator. She just heard a little person chatting away and then returned the call to make sure everything was OK. How embarrassing ! At least she was nice and we didn't end up with a whole crew of police officers knocking on our door.


  1. Wow! That is hillarious! It makes me just laugh! I have to laugh, because alex has that same sickness. He knows when I lay my phone down! Thanks for sharing!

  2. lol... Im sure my day is comming I can see Chloe doing something like that someday!