Monday, August 31, 2009

Chicago chaos, the meat market, and I just want to go home!

Thought this funny, this is in Iowa, who knew we had a Wyoming here!
Yummy! Haagen Daas Ice Cream on the Pier...

Chicago Skyline...

Navy Pier! The girls...

Andrea, Mara, Me and Silara-Chicago skyline!

We stopped at the Chicago Temple, the girls needed some new G's!

This weekend I joined a handful of girls from the state of Iowa and we attended The Mid-Singles Conference in Chicago. We left Friday and arrived for the BBQ and dance at a really cool old golf club on Lake Michigan. It was actually the place where Pres. Obama got married. I would like to point out however that anyone who knows me and thinks I am a bad driver needs to drive in Chicago. They are insane! Now-the meat market! This is how I felt, it was like a heard of cattle being shuffled in and out. Over 200 people showed up and you could see everyone sizing each other up! It may have been that I was sick and I wasn't really in the mood to play the game, but for the most part I did not enjoy myself. Saturday was a little better mostly cause the girls and I left the rest of the group and did our own thing. No boys allowed! We walked Lake Michigan's beaches and went to a Latin Festival and then The Navy Pier which was my favorite! We went to Bubba Gumps for lunch. That was yummy. And just took in the sites. Sunday we went to church and then we headed home. But we almost didn't make it home. Since my car decided to start acting up. First it was electrical messages that started to show up and then one by one, my car started shutting down. First the air cond. and then the radio went. I'll I could think was, I want to go to sleep, in my own bed. Please, please keep running. We didn't even make it to Cedar Rapids. The car just stopped! By then I was in tears. We had to call a tow truck to come and get us out in the middle of nowhere. And then we had choices, do we stay in a hotel and hope they can fix my car or rent a car. Well, the tow truck took us to a dinky little town but we didn't have any way to get to the Cedar Rapids airport to rent a car, so a friend gave us a church members number who lived int he area and he came and took us to the enterprise rental place. Finally at 1:00am we rolled in. I was so grateful to be home. The only thing is my car is still stuck in Anamosa. And my Alternator needs to be replaced, oh joy! I'm not thinking all this running around to find "the one" is really worth it. If someone doesn't see your worth and isn't willing to take a chance than I am throwing in my hat!

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  1. Girls weekends are the best -- and how cool that you could do it in Chicago. Sorry the conference turned out lame, but I'm glad you were able to get home to sleep in your own bed. I totally understand -- sometimes you just need to be home. I hope you figure out the car debacle soon!