Monday, December 22, 2008

The Bohemian Cafe

On Saturday, Brice and I decided to be adventurous in our eating habits so we ventured to this cute little hole in the wall restaurant that Brice knew about. He had gone by it a couple of times and had always wanted to try it out. It was called the Bohemian Cafe. On the outside, I must admit, looked daunting. But we are adventurous and went inside. Inside was a collection of old pictures of Czech heritage and Jim Bean bottle collections. It was cozy and very family welcome. Our waitress wore a red Czech outfit. I think she could tell we weren't regulars and it made her smile at some of our expressions and questions on what we were going to partake. We decided to choose things we wouldn't typically try. Brice ordered, Roast beef ala Esterhazy Hungarian style. This came with a choice of Liver Dumpling soup or the Chicken Egg Dumpling soup which he chose. Also he had the choice of wax beans, sauerkraut or sweet n sour cabbage. He chose the cabbage. I had the Swiss Steak with mushroom gravy, wax beans, and the Chicken Egg Dumpling soup. Also we had the choice of mashed potatoes or Dumpling. We both chose the Dumpling which wasn't quite what we imagined but still good. All in all it was an adventure. Our food was interesting and we did decide we would go back but maybe stick to the safe things we knew like the polish sausage. I would have like to have tried some of the sweet things but there's always next time. Bon' Appetite!

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