Friday, December 12, 2008

Bruce Wayne Syndrome

Bats, I absolutely hate them or at least I do now! Ok, let's start a week ago. I'm sitting in the living room and here comes this bat flying around the house. No big deal really. I did hit the deck as fast as I could when it came flying by me but it didn't quite bother me. My dad caught it and released it back to the wild. Aren't we nice, so humane. Ok so Saturday morning at about 4:30am, I here this noise in my room like something hitting the floor, a little tussle and some squeaks. Hmmm... Not sure what to think so I lean over and turn on my light. Aghhh... A bat is flying around my room. Swooping around like crazy. I am just a little freaked. The bat fly's out and I quickly shut the door. Ok, but now I am trapped in my room and can't get out to get help to trap the darn thing. Ok, I live with my parents and share a room with my 2 kids until my divorce is over. My parents room is above mine so I am knocking on my ceiling with a shoe trying to get someones attention at 4:30am. My mom, comes down and turns on the light and sees the bat and of course freaks out and makes my dad come handles the situation. I would like to explain that I am typically noty scared of anything, especially flying rodents. But to be woken from a dead sleep to having to duck for cover is a little unsettling. So my dad catches it and releases back in to wild again!!! Big mistake. Ok, Sunday morning around 1am, I feel something at the end of my bed being attacked by my cat. I reach for the light again and lo and behold the kamikazee bat is flying around my room again. I am so thouroughly freaked. I am hiding under my covers, hoping to god I'm just dreaming this but can I really be that lucky? No, Again I hear my cat attacking the sucker and just as I peek out under the covers it comes flying over my head to land somewhere behind my bed. I scramble out of bed, scream up the stairs for some reinforcments and burst into tears. I'm shaking, and so terrified to go back to sleep. This is were the Bruce Wayne Syndrome kicks in!!! My dad finally finds the winged freak and takes it outside and beats it to death. It needed to die! So today we go all over ths house again to try and find the holes these guys or guy is getting in, sealed them and we are praying we don't have another episode of the last two nights. I really, really hate BATS!!! This happened this fall of 2008.

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