Sunday, May 31, 2009

Camping at Ledges...

Brice cooking it up!
Riley, I think he's saluting me!

Cameron, he's so cheeky! Got to love the grin.

A pretty view!

Our campsite...

Ledges State Park, Boone, Iowa

This weekend Brice and I took our 3 kiddos to Ledges State Park and went camping. I think our campsite was in a good location and we did pretty well. Of course at 7 am that morning I went out there nad picked our site out. The park was packed, and there were no places left but I noticed a family packing and leaving. So I grabbed it up. We got there around 1pm, set up camp and then head down to the creek. The boys really enjoyed walking the creek and get soaked. Even Mckenzie had fun at the creek. She put every rock in her mouth and then would throw it out and pick a new one to chew on. I wonder if she has a Mineral deficiency or maybe she's going to be a geologist when she grows up. We grilled hotdogs and hamburgers for supper and then took the kids to the little playground and let the kids run off any remaining energy they might have had. Put Mckenzie down for the night shortly after and then the boys did sparklers and made smores. The boys went down pretty easily, mostly due to exhaustion. Brice and I sat around the fire for a little while longer talking and then finally we hit the sack too. We did have a visitior though. A masked bandit was trying to get into our coolers with the food in it. Guess he wanted some smores too! So we had to put the coolers up. Surprisnly we all slept in til 8 am or after. Made breakfast. Brice is very handy in the camping cooking area. He would barely let me hold the spatula. Which is nice since I do most of the cooking at my house and a break is nice. Of course you really can't do to much damage with pancakes:) We cleaned camp up and then went on a a hike, stopped at the creek again to eat some more rocks and then headed home. I love camping and it was nice to do it with everyone. The kids really did wonderfully and made it a nice expierence.

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