Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ok, I honestly feel sorry for Riley, being a big brother can kind of be traumatic! He loves to play with his train set and it hast to be set up in the living room cause that is pretty much the only space that is big enough. But he has to contend with his 1 year old baby sister that we now refer to as MAC-ZILLA! She is an avid crawler but in the last week she has decided that walking can get her, to her destination just as easy and maybe faster. She has the whole hands out for cordination thing and the step by step assault down to a T. I almost think she's been watching old japanesse movies of Godzilla. She even does this little scream that could hold very nicely against Godzilla, minus the fire breathing trick. As cute as this may seem, Riley is not thrilled by it one bit. She comes and starts picking the train track off and just tosses it around. Trains are being eaten. Riley gets mad, he cry's. MAC-ZILLA gets mad, she cry's! It's very scary:)

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  1. Great visual -- I love that she has a little scream, too. Classic. Oh the trials of having a little sister...